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2º Fórum Spcine

year: 2023

business: public cultural event of cinema

local: são paulo - brazil

agency: tanto produções

In its 2nd edition, the Spcine Forum will focus on "Economic Development & Innovation" and will bring together experts from all over Brazil and the world to discuss central topics about the Brazilian audiovisual sector in more than 25 activities, including Debate Sessions, Discussion Panels, Masterclasses, Games & XR Exhibition, and Special Sessions of the Spcine Circuit.

Copy: Mariana Benevides / Photos: Henrique Thoms / Direction: Victor Hugo

Link: https://spcine.com.br


The logotype and visual identity are the backbone of this project, exuding the very essence of dialogue, talk, conversation, and speech. To emphasize this concept, I incorporated a distinctive and captivating element: the mighty quote sign ('). This simple yet powerful symbol acts as a visual embodiment of the dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives that lie at the heart of the Forum Spcine event.

Using geometric elements as the foundation, I carefully selected shapes and patterns that symbolize unity, connectivity, and the interplay between different perspectives. These elements serve as visual representations of the diverse range of subjects and themes that are explored within the event.

The choice of gradient background colors further enhances the overall impact, infusing the designs with a dynamic and contemporary feel. The smooth transitions and vibrant hues create an immersive visual experience that resonates with the audience, inviting them to explore and engage with the event.

forms background

background panels of games & XR

banners & totems

screens projections

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