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year: 2021 - 2023

business: shop

local: portugal

A wellness shop formed by two women, with the purpose of providing a welcoming and safe environment. Have pleasure and respect in the first place, and believe in the power of getting to know your own body, stripping yourself of prejudices and taboos.

"The pleasure revolution starts with intimacy"


logo / brand / website

Nude is a proposal to strip away taboos and normalizing preconceptions, stripping oneself to the discoveries of desire, pleasure and love is essential. The lettering was designed especially for the brand, based on the products that the store sells, which suggest fun shapes and are adapted to each body type and proposal. In addition, the lettering denotes movement and fluidity, important precepts that Nude proposes for each person's experiences.

website / UI & UX design

The site was designed so that the user can find information easily, with just a few clicks. Special attention was paid to the creation of the header, taking into account the amount of information that needed to be included, such as the about menu, blog and guide, and a subdivision of menus was created that fit together harmoniously and in perfect hierarchy, without overlapping. to the most relevant information, but still presenting additional navigation options in a clean and organized way.

The color scheme helped create divisions on the page, and the images also create dynamic fields for navigation. There are buttons that take the customer directly to the product page, there are fields with information necessary for the purchase, such as informing the customer that the website is secure and has an SSL certificate, as well as the payment procedure is also secure and discreet (appears as another description on the invoice), there is also information about delivery (2 to 4 working days for continental national delivery and other conditions for delivery in the European Union), among other information. In the footer, there is information about the brands of the main card issuers, as well as the field for subscribing to the Nude mailing list.

instagram design posts

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