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Mosca Pottery

year: 2019

business: pottery & ceramic

local: curitiba - brazil

Mosca is a handcrafted ceramic atelier and shop that emerged in 2018 in the city of Curitiba. The name, Mosca, is a family name, in honor of Paula Mosca's maternal grandmother, Ophélia Mosca. Paula Mosca is the founder and in 2014 she discovered in ceramics a way to reconnect with nature and develop a meaningful and significant work. All pieces and processes are made by them with love and dedication, to bring a little bit of their work to other people. - <description from website>

logo / brand / website

The fly-inspired logo was designed with a unified symbol using harmonious lines and curves, inspired by updated art deco style, created with simplicity yet elegance. One of the requirements was that the logo should be easily applicable to ceramic pieces.

webdesign / UI & UX design





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