I am a graphic designer with more than 8 years of professional experience, with a multifaceted background in art direction, web design, print materials, UI/UX design, research, and planning. I have worked with various clients such as Spcine, Boticário, Dental Clean from Brazil, and a store called Nude, where I conceived the brand design, starting with the naming, logo, slogan, artistic direction, arts for Instagram, e-commerce website, e-mail marketing and other printed material. The areas of design that I like the most are: creation of visual identity, typography and editorial, design thinking and user experience, planning and research. I like to get involved in challenging projects that have an artistic vein and social responsibility.




Nude - Wellness Shop

Art Director

2021 - Currently Porto, Portugal

Responsible for the brand naming and slogan, creation of visual identity, website development, as well as being involved in administration, finance, logistics, strategies, content planning, production, events, and other demands. The store is online and offers products for well-being, focusing on women discovering pleasure and sexuality. The products are of high quality, and we work with relevant brands that are body-safe, vegan, and non-binary.

See in https://nudevibs.com/

2021 - 2022 Porto, Portugal

Rede Inducar Webdesigner

A nonprofit organization for the promotion of non formal education and social integration. Developer in a website with the institution’s communication department.

See in www.inducar.pt

03/2018 - 08/2021 Curitiba, Brazil

Vivas Comunicação Graphic Designer

Designer for creation of adversiting campaigns, printed material, folders, flyers, logos, illustrations, letteings, online media, and webdesign. See in www.vivascom.com.br

02/2015 - 06/2017 Curitiba, Brazil

Casa Treze Studio & Colab Graphic Designer

Designer creation of printed materials, logos, illustrations, letterings, online media and web design. In addition to participating in the organization of the Descasca event, which brought together several local artists and producers from Curitiba with artistic exposure, live bands, DJs, rappers, sustainability projects, among others. See in www.casatrezestudio.com

02/2016 - 07/2016 Curitiba, Brazil

Festival de Curitiba Digital Art Direction

Designer for creation of online media, posts and stories to Instagram, content for blog and website, e-mail marketing, and others.

02/2017 - 07/2017 Curitiba, Brazil

Festival de Curitiba Digital Art Direction

Designer for creation of online media, posts and stories to Instagram, content for blog and website, e-mail marketing, and others.

05/2023 - 07/2023

São Paulo, Brazil

2º Forum Spcine

Tanto Produções Cinematográficas

Art Director

I developed the entire visual identity of the second edition of the forum, including logo creation, color study, graphic elements, gradient backgrounds, as well as materials such as banners, facades, panels, badges, Instagram artwork, website artwork, and email designs, among others. For the logo creation, the concept of the essence of dialogue, conversation, and speech was emphasized, incorporating the element that represents a quotation mark ('). This simple yet powerful symbol acted as a visual representation of the dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives that are at the core of the Forum Spcine event.

See in http://spcine.com.br/

Art Direction







Photo Edition













FBAUP Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto Master's in Fine Arts and Intermedia

2019 - Currently Porto, Portugal

In my work in intermedia, I explore the intersections and crossroads between various art forms, such as assemblage, video performance, installation, projection, and more. Through these mediums, I strive to create a dynamic and immersive artistic experience that challenges traditional boundaries and engages the audience in a multi-sensory exploration. By combining different elements and techniques, I aim to provoke thought, evoke emotions, and encourage a deeper understanding of the complexities of the human experience. My artistic practice in intermedia allows me to break free from conventional artistic categorizations and explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

see in http://sarahgelinski.com/

Jun - Aug 2020 São Paulo, Brazil

Bootcamp HOW StartUp UI/UX design

12 week immersive bootcamp in UI/UX design, developing modules: Immersion: Design Thinking / Definition and Ideation: Product Development through the Double Diamond methodology / Prototyping: using Figma / Frameworks and tools / Portfolio: Case study

2012 - 2017 Curitiba, Brazil

Universidade Positivo Bachelor of Graphic Design

The final dissertation was the creation of a mapping of creative spaces in the city of Curitiba, creating connections between collabs and collectives, in order to create a synergy between professionals and the local community. A website prototype was presented, with a map and cultural agenda, also based on the principles of UI/UX design and branding.

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